Posted by on December 29, 2015

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Out With The Old In With The New: 5 Things You Can Do To Make 2016 Better For You

Make 2016 Better For You

Release The Old Baggage

Can you not?! Can you not bring all that old baggage into 2016! We refuse to check those luggages, ma’am. Be like Elsa and “let it go”. What’s the point in holding on to things that make you depressed, angry, or unappreciated? Do you really need to call him to tell him you’re angry or call that old best friend who wasn’t really the best friend for you anyway?

Be Fearless

Many people live with regrets because they were afraid to do something in the past. Well, don’t be THAT person – be fearless! Want to go back to school? Do it! Want to travel the world? Do it! Want to start your own business? Do it! And book me to help you monetize that passion of yours (shameless promotion). Tired of being single? Go out more – even if you have to go out by yourself. 

Value Yourself

As women, we tend to undervalue ourselves and throw “but’s” in to everything. “I’ve lost 20lbs BUT I could stand to lose 20 more.” “I’m beautiful BUT there are more beautiful women than myself out there.” “I was able to make an extra $500 this month from my business BUT I’ve heard that people make more.” “I was promoted to a better position at work BUT it took me 3 years to get it.” In 2016, we’re removing the buts from our accomplishments and understanding the value in ourselves and all we do.

NO: “I’ve made it to 2016 with a job BUT I don’t make as much money as I should.”
YES: “I’ve made it to 2016 with a job and now that I see the value in my skills, I will seek a new job with better pay, better benefits, and more flexibility.”

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  • Yes! I agree. I decided to let some things go from last year as to make this year more fruitful and productive. I definitely want to be better and be fearless. Great post!

  • #3 is so me. Rather than being down about my salary, I am picking up as many skills as I can in this job until I can move onto something better. Great tips overall. I need to work on all of them

  • goldnglitters

    Be fearless! Yes, I agree with them all, but that one resonates with me. Awesome post.

  • Valuing myself is one of my major goals for 2016!! I love this post!!

  • I co-sign on every one of these. I like challenge yourself the best. I need to challenge myself to make healthier choices.



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