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Asian Man Attacks Black Girl In Salon

Asian Man Viciously Attacks Black Female Teenager In Nail Salon

My blood is boiling right now so if this post contains grammatical errors – so be it.

A young lady, by the name of Mariah Johnson, posted a series of videos in a Facebook group I’m a member of explaining a situation that occurred earlier today at Moon Salon in Georgia. 

A Black teenaged girl – who has yet to be identified – was tired of waiting to get her nails done, so she got up and tried to leave. Tried? Yes, tried. It seems the male nail tech started on her nails but before completing his work moved on to another customer. After he completed the other customer’s manicure AND pedicure, she – as anyone would be – was furious and got up to leave. Now, I definitely expect that she made it known to EVERYONE in the salon of her unprofessional experience and unsatisfactory service and I guess the male tech had to show her who was “boss.” 

The male nail tech began cursing at her and invading her personal space. She asked him to get out of her face, and he refused. He backed her up against the wall and continued to scream at her. She yelled again – this time telling him to get out of her face. He refused, and she pushed him out of her personal space. Not even a second passes before he began viciously punching her about her face and body. He only stopped because a Black woman – another customer – pulled him off of her. 

In shock and anger, the teenager pulls out her phone and frantically tries to phone her mom. Her mom doesn’t answer so phones someone else and explains the situation. The white men and women in the store tell the Black teenager to leave. The cops are called, and to no surprise, the white women blame the Black girl for being attacked by the male employee. A woman calls her “psychotic” amongst other names and tries to paint her as a wild, rambunctious hooligan. Thankfully, the Black woman behind the camera comes to her defense.

The videos can be seen below

ASIAN MALE NAIL SALON OWNER FIGHTS TEENAGED BLACK GIRL LIKE A MAN. I can't believe this shit!!! Moon Nails in Statesboro, Ga.

Posted by Mariah Johnson on Saturday, January 21, 2017

Apparently, both were taken into custody. No word on the outcome.

Ladies, this is why we need to STAY STRAPPED (pocket knives, mace, guns, etc. ) and support our own.

My blood is boiling watching these white people play this Black girl for a damn fool. Please if you can, share this, go off on their Yelp page…whatever you can. I’m so sick and tired of Black women being walked over.

I know many people like to paint Black women as loud and outspoken. I can’t speak for all Black women, but I can speak for myself and tell you all that I AM loud AND outspoken. NOBODY is going to invade my personal space and think it’s okay not to move when I ask you to. You’re NOT going to push me against the wall or into a corner while being aggressive and expect me to not try to remove myself from a hostile situation. If you think he was justified in molly-whopping this girl all up and down the salon…please do the world a favor and NOT be fruitful and multiply.

What he did to her was NOT okay.

Like I mentioned in one of my YouTube videos, just because people are FOR us doesn’t mean they’re FOR US. They may be for our money, time, attention, etc. but they’re NOT for us being respected and uplifted. Black women of Georgia…women of Georgia, take your coins elsewhere and stop supporting this business.

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