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When I first heard about dry brushing – I brushed it off (ha!). I found it odd that someone would intentionally brush their body – like why would anybody purposely do that. I assumed a back brush was mainly invented for old folks – no shade.

One day I decided to Google it and came across a Youtube video explaining the purpose of dry brushing and how to do it. I know you may be thinking the same thing as me “this won’t work because my skin is already soft” but trust me after doing this once you WILL feel the difference in your skin.

I am not one to have a “beauty routine” so I decided to begin one, and this is the first on the list. I purchased a bath brush with a detachable head like this Bath Body Brush, which can be found at Amazon.

Dry brushing may be the easiest thing you can do every morning next to washing your face, and it’s extremely beneficial.

Dry Brushing Benefits

  • Removes dead layers from skin revealing smoother skin
  • Removes cellulite by assisting in evenly distributing fatty cells under the skin
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system that helps rid your body of toxins
  • Prevents ingrown hairs


How To Dry Brush

Right before you take your shower, grab your body brush and step into the tub. DO NOT turn on the water. Take the brush and brush your skin – always brushing towards your heart. Use short strokes everywhere except your face (use a smaller brush for your face) and tummy where you’ll brush in a circular motion. Start at your feet with small, upward strokes moving all the way up to your neck where you’ll brush downward toward your heart. This takes about 3-4 minutes if that long. When you’re done turn on the water and wash the dead cells away and rinse your brush. Resume as you normally would with taking a shower.

Easy, right? Trust me it is! For me, the hardest part is pushing myself to do it. I tried it for five days, and I felt how soft and smooth my skin became, and I loved it!

After your shower, make sure you use a thick lotion to seal in moisture. I personally enjoyed using good ol’ Cocoa Butter. You can use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E Concentrated Cream, but I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Cream because it is thicker than their regular formulas, and it makes my skin feel hydrated.

One note of caution: don’t brush too hard because it can cause skin irritation post shower. Your skin will feel tingly or a little itchy afterward, but it will go away after some time.

Have you tried skin brushing? For those of you who haven’t, I dare you to try it out for five consecutive days and report back with your results.

Happy brushing!

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  • I LOVE skin brushing, though I’ve been meaning to replace my brush… I threw it away months ago!! This post was a great reminder to invest in one again!!! 🙂

  • I have never heard of this! I will definitely be trying this. Will let you know how it works out. thanks! 🙂

  • Wow!! This is unique. I may look into trying this. I love having smooth skin. Great post!

  • SheBeKnowin

    I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds like a great idea. Would you say the bristles are soft, medium or hard on the brush you use?

  • Styled By OmiOmy

    You got me at,”removes cellulite”. lol

  • Nadeen

    wow I have never heard of this. But, it makes sense. Nothing like smooth soft skin!

  • Girl Get It

    I need to try this! I exfoliate with scrubs but have never tried dry brushing.

  • I love dry brushing. I was gifted one after a spa visit and I’ve been using it ever since. My skin is so soft after I use it!


  • I’ve never tried dry brushing, but it is now on my must try list.