Posted by on October 30, 2017

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Last time I visited this topic, Sprint customers in the USVI were still out of service. At the moment, there are still many without adequate service but it seems Sprint is finally working to restore service in the USVI.

Though the USVI was out of service for over a month, they still expected payment from their subscribers. Since that devil is a lie, I reached out to Sprint to have my September and October bills waived. Of course, the process was a difficult one but I came out victorious – for now. 

How did I receive 2 months of credit on my account? Read on to find out.

In early October, I spoke with a rep via chat about the service issues and of course they knew nothing about it and had to do some research. The rep then informed me I would receive 1 month of service credit on my account which would be applied in September. That didn’t sit right with me so about 2 weeks later, I called Sprint and ended up speaking with 3 reps.

Rep #1 didn’t know anything about any hurricane and hung up on me.

Rep #2 also had no clue but after spazzing, she offered me a $30 credit. $30 for an entire month without service?! Lies!

Rep #3, this time one whose 1st language is English, was able to offer me a $95 credit. Again, this was after I gave them a piece of my mind. When I mentioned the conversation I had with another rep via chat about the 1-month credit, she told me they would have to pull the chat records which would take 7-10 business days. I told her to go ahead and do that but in the meantime in between time, I would be submitting a complaint to the Better Business Bureau.

I drafted my complaint and submitted it to the BBB and within a week, I was contacted by Sprint’s executive office. After letting her know the way they’re handling the USVI and their customers is completely unacceptable, my September and October bills were credited in full.

If service is spotty in November, I will reach out directly to the rep from Sprint’s executive office to have my November bill credited.

Some things I did to make this easier on me:

  1. Deactivated auto pay on my account.
  2. Documented EVERYTHING
    1. I saved the chat log
    2. I asked for the name of all reps I spoke with and the call’s interaction number.
  3. I calculated the amount I wanted credited to my account ahead of time.
  4. I made sure to let Sprint know at every opportunity that they dropped the ball and the fact they’ve yet to educate their reps about disaster areas showed how much they don’t appreciate our business.
  5. After going the hell off on reps, I made sure to inform them my anger wasn’t towards them but the way their employer’s dealing with the situation.
  6. I didn’t take “no” for an answer.

At this point, you don’t have to go through all that I went through.

How to get your Sprint bills waived

When calling, refer to their press release and tell them to add the credits ahead of time before your due dates.

If all else fails, submit a complaint through the Better Business Bureau or email Sprint’s executive office and request your disaster relief credits be applied to your account as well as an inconvenience credit in the amount of *whatever dollar amount you choose*. Provide all of your information so they can look up your account and issue the credits.

Remember, if you or your parents have any bills due – student loans, medical, credit cards, etc – make sure you reach out to the companies and let them know you (or the account holder) are in a disaster zone and cannot make payments for the next 2-3 months until you recover. While some places won’t waive your payments, they can put your account on hold and stop any interest charges from accruing.

Good luck!

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