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As Hurricane Irma makes its way to the mainland, the residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands are taking first steps to recovery.

Hurricane Irma Updates

St. Croix Hurricane Irma updates

  • Coast Guard has reopened Lagoon
  • Minor damages to buildings and homes
  • Debris in the road
  • WAPA working to restore power to the island and expects full power to be restored by Friday (9/8/17).
  • Land lines have been restored for most homes
  • Few homes and feeders have been restored with power
  • JFL Hospital power restored
  • STT patients moved to JFL and Puerto Rico for care
  • Curfew has been lifted
  • Government employees expected to return to work.
  • Schools will reopen on Tuesday.
  • Airport has been reopened.
  • Cell phone service has been available for most AT&T customers. Sprint customers are still experiencing roaming. Sprint and AT&T are offering free roaming service to those affected by the hurricane.

St. Thomas Hurricane Irma updates

  • The death toll in St. Thomas is at 4.
  • Military personnel from STX have been activated and transported to STT.
  • Navy ships and helicopters have arrived in STT to provide relief.
  • A collapsing roof at the Lima Company Fire Station in Annas Retreat caused minor injuries to an Emergency Medical Technician and a Fire Fighter.
  • Curfew still in effect
  • Airport has been opened for chartered flights ONLY.
  • Shelters on STT: E. Benjamin Oliver School and Knud Hansen Complex

Cyril E. King Airport (STT)

St. John Hurricane Irma updates

  • Myrah Keating Smith Clinic on St. John severely damaged.
  • Apparently, residents are sleeping on the docks and wherever they can due to the loss of many homes.
  • The Cruz Bay community has joined together to provide food for those in need
  • Still lots of debris, power outages, and destroyed homes.
  • Curfew still in effect
  • Shelters on STJ: Bethany Methodist Church and Julius Sprauve School

U.S. Post Office (STT)

WAPA Hurricane Irma Restoration Updates

The Virgin Islands Water and Power Authority continued the restoration of electrical service on St. Croix Thursday while assessments were begun on St. Thomas to determine the extent of damage to the electrical production and distribution system.

The restoration began on St. Croix Wednesday night with portions of the east end, west end and Christiansted town restored by 10 p.m. On Thursday, work continued to restore additional customers, and by the end of the day, partial restoration had been achieved on the following feeders:

  • Feeder 1A: restored 100%
  • Feeder 2A: restored up to Cramer’s Park, about 60%
  • Feeder 3A: pending restoration
  • Feeder 4A: restored to 95%
  • Feeder 5A: restored to 80%
  • Feeder 6A: pending restoration
  • Feeder 6B: pending restoration
  • Feeder 8B: restored to 75%
  • Feeder 9B: restored to 80%
  • Feeder 10B: pending restoration

On St. Thomas, assessment teams are being deployed to map the extent of damage the transmission and distribution system encountered during the hurricane. Once the assessment has been completed and the level of damage ascertained, a restoration and service recovery plan will be established. Plant personnel worked throughout the day to ready the power plant to resume the generation of electricity. Late this evening, attempts were being made to restart a 20-megawatt unit and reenergize the feeders that provide service to the Schneider Regional Medical Center and the Cyril E. King Airport.


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