Posted by on January 4, 2016

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why are you so petty

Sometimes in the workplace, pettiness is needed.

 Before I became an entrepreneur, I was a Human Resources Generalist and Recruiter. In my respective positions, I did everything from hiring to firing. One of my duties was to boost and maintain employee morale.

I scheduled “Vent To Me” appointments with employees who needed to…well, vent. My door was literally a revolving door of unhappy employees. Every so often I’d hear a knock at my door and there stood an employee with a look of confusion and sadness on his or her face with the same question, “Can we talk for a minute?”

Most employees were unhappy with management and others were more than dissatisfied with how their fellow co-workers treated them. Their issues ranged from simple misunderstandings to “Jesus, send help” serious. My faves were the Petty Betty’s (petty to their coworkers then had the audacity to be mad when pettiness was returned) and Whining Whitney’s (whining about almost everything but refuse to work at fixing the issues).

If you had to deal or are currently dealing with fellow petty coworkers, here is a story to put a smile on your face. And, maybe – just maybe – you can take a page out of LaTora‘s book.


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  • Wow!!! There will forever be idiots in this world. Keep on being true to yourself. 🙂

  • Petty is so annoying, even the word gets on my nerves now. It was rampant with my previous employer, especially my racist (he said he wasn't) boss. I prefer sarcasm, but sometime petty is funny as he**!

  • Honestly, I believe that we live in a time where many are not self-aware. Self awareness brings ones motives to light. It bears us to ask the question: Are we critical of others because we are critical of ourselves? Why do we constantly need to be affirmed?

  • OMG!!! I love it! I too am PETTY!!!! This is Hilarious! Maybe one day I'll mature but this is Awesome! I think sometimes when talking doesn't work, they must feel it and he definitely felt it! I bet BRAD won't mess with you anymore!

  • I LOVE IT! He deserved every single day of that torture. Bet he won't do it again. ROFL #BBL

  • I read this the other day and I think she handled it PERFECTLY!

    All the Best,
    Allison |

  • Thankfully I'm an entrepreneur and don't have to deal with the work office pettiness. However I haven't been removed from it that long and I recall co-workers being petty about EVERY single thing. I don't miss it at all.


  • When I read this the other day I hollered! I so do not miss the passive aggressiveness in the workplace. I bet Sam will know next time!

  • Oh my! Workplace antics. I have many stories. I love the way that she handled this.

  • LMBO! Hi-lar-ious! I love it!

  • I love LaTora story I read it this week! My name is pretty ethnic I guess and I wish someone would chop and screw my name up again so I can do this!

  • I haven't really experienced any work issues, but I understand those issues.



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