Posted by on January 4, 2016

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  • Wow!!! There will forever be idiots in this world. Keep on being true to yourself. 🙂

  • Petty is so annoying, even the word gets on my nerves now. It was rampant with my previous employer, especially my racist (he said he wasn't) boss. I prefer sarcasm, but sometime petty is funny as he**!

  • Honestly, I believe that we live in a time where many are not self-aware. Self awareness brings ones motives to light. It bears us to ask the question: Are we critical of others because we are critical of ourselves? Why do we constantly need to be affirmed?

  • OMG!!! I love it! I too am PETTY!!!! This is Hilarious! Maybe one day I'll mature but this is Awesome! I think sometimes when talking doesn't work, they must feel it and he definitely felt it! I bet BRAD won't mess with you anymore!

  • I LOVE IT! He deserved every single day of that torture. Bet he won't do it again. ROFL #BBL

  • I read this the other day and I think she handled it PERFECTLY!

    All the Best,
    Allison |

  • Thankfully I'm an entrepreneur and don't have to deal with the work office pettiness. However I haven't been removed from it that long and I recall co-workers being petty about EVERY single thing. I don't miss it at all.


  • When I read this the other day I hollered! I so do not miss the passive aggressiveness in the workplace. I bet Sam will know next time!

  • Oh my! Workplace antics. I have many stories. I love the way that she handled this.

  • LMBO! Hi-lar-ious! I love it!

  • I love LaTora story I read it this week! My name is pretty ethnic I guess and I wish someone would chop and screw my name up again so I can do this!

  • I haven't really experienced any work issues, but I understand those issues.



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