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Tim Duncan Hurricane Irma

Don’t forget about the islands.

Tim Duncan Donates $250,000

Tim Duncan, St. Croix native and retired pro-NBA player, donated $250,000 in response to the U.S. Virgin Islands cry for assistance after Hurricane Irma crippled the islands.

Tim Duncan donates to Hurricane Irma USVI relief

In a message, Duncan asks the world to not forget about the islands which seem to be the case as many are focused on Hurricane Irma’s impact to Florida and bordering areas. Duncan plans to match “donations up to the first $1 million.” As of noon on Saturday, his fundraiser raised over $600,000.

Keep the USVI in your prayers. Residents are trapped in their homes & shelters flooded. #HurricaneIrma

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Hurricane Irma Rips Through The USVI | Hurricane Irma USVI Updates

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